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Empowering all people to become the best version of themselves. 

What We Do

At Uplife, we build brands that transform lives. Through data-driven decisions and a focus on personal and professional growth, we empower you to achieve financial, mental, and physical well-being. Discover a brighter future with Uplife.

 Who We Are 

We have a dynamic team of passionate individuals committed to your success. With a shared vision for progress and integrity, we lead by example, driving positive change in your life and the world around us. Join us on this exciting journey of transformation.

Meet The Founder

Kris Krohn

Kris is a world class speaker, real estate maverick, business, coach, best-selling author, and breakthrough mentor. He helps people get on the path to financial freedom through financial principles, training and real estate investing. Kris' passion is helping people improve evert aspect of their lives, especially, wealth, health, connection, and personal power. His wildly successful training is currently consumed by millions of people on YouTube, all social media platforms (even TikTok), podcasts, webinars and more!

Sharing his knowledge has become Kris' life passion and purpose. Through his books, online content, live experiences, private mentoring, and more, kris teaches people the mindset and skillset needed to create the life they deserve.

Uplife is the organizational foundation for Kris Krohn's ever-expanding vision and those of this business partners who are also experts in their field. Kris has partnered with financial geniuses across the country to build a team with one common goal - to help others build the life they were meant to live. 



We Strive To Transform Lives By Delivering Essential Tools And Resources That Empower Individuals To Realize Their Boundless Potential And Attain Both Personal And Financial Success. We Firmly Believe That Each Life Is Invaluable And Primed For Limitless Possibilities. 


Uplife Group LLC

Serving the 
Kris Krohn Brand 

Provides real estate investing, fulfillment, and marketing for Kris Krohn’s products and services. 


Experienced Business Consulting Company

Ffortify specializes in fostering success and
cultivating thriving organizations through corporate education and business consulting.

Experience Event Center

State-of-the-Art Event Venue 
& Digital Production Studio 

10,000 sq ft space with resources for high-tech conferences, corporate events, live performances, special events, parties, product launches, live-streaming video productions, and multi-camera hybrid events. 

Krohn Breakthrough Foundation

A certified 501(c)(3)
non-profit organization 

Founded by Kris and Kalenn Krohn, the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation aims to change lives through belief breakthrough coaching and save lives through humanitarian aid and rescue. 

Coming Soon...Prodati

7 Figure 
Sales Organization 

Combined sales for several multi-million dollar brands. Specializing in revenue and retention of multiple financial, real estate, and personal development opportunities. 

Coming Soon...Thatch

SaaS Business Uniting
Retailers and Brands

This SaaS startup is poised to disrupt the $6.6 trillion U.S. retail industry with B2B marketplaces and advanced technologies. Our mission is to enhance customer experience and lower the barriers for entrepreneurs wishing to start a retail business. 

Franchising Services

Top level franchising
services for investors

Connecting entrepreneurs with multiple business and franchising opportunities, and providing the support and tools they need for success. 

Coming Soon... Proferty



Unleash Your Financial Destiny 2023

August 9th - 12th 2023

Experience Event Center

Provo, Utah

The Uplife Way

At Uplife, our main goal is to better the world by educating people to invest wisely, earn money strategically, and to care for their bodies, minds, and relationships. 

We foster a supportive, encouraging, sometimes hilarious environment which drives both personal and collective success. Come join our talented team and get ready to be inspired!  


Carson Tietjen

As CEO of Uplife and President of the Uplife Board, Carson Tietjen oversees management and development throughout the company. His wide range of experience in media production and content marketing is instrumental to the year-over-year doubling of company revenue for the past 4 years. Carson’s leadership produces phenomenal results in team building and development of a strong company culture. His innovative ideas also deliver successful outcomes in the building and expanding of multiple business ventures. Carson is passionate about inspiring people to change their lives for the better. He enjoys integrating video production, marketing, and analytics into a system of success. Carson holds a BA and an MFA in Film Media and Production.

Christine Graham

COO of Uplife
Christine Graham excels across a variety of industries and roles. She currently serves as Director of Operations for Uplife Group and leads with exceptional skill. Christine has experience as Business Director for multiple large companies and knows how to drive development and success. As Founder and President of the Discovery Bay Medical Clinic in Honolulu, she demonstrates strong leadership and dedication to improving community health. Christine also worked as Project Manager for the Critical Care Medical Department at the National Institutes of Health, enhancing business practices and patient care in a high-stakes environment. With an MGA and an M.Ed., Christine has a strong commitment to lifelong learning and professional excellence. 

Stacey Abbott

Experience Event Center Director
Stacey Abbott is the Executive Director of the Experience Event Center located in Provo, Utah. Stacey is a certified event planner with over 25 years in the event and wedding industry. Stacey oversees every aspect of event planning for corporate events, conferences, weddings, parties, quinceañera's, and live-streaming video productions. Stacey also oversees the marketing and booking efforts of this multifaceted venue. As founder and owner of multiple event and party companies, Stacey draws from unparalleled experience and resources to lead her team to expertly host a wide range of incredible live events. She excels in her ability to understand clients’ needs and preferences. Stacey also demonstrates her leadership, attention to detail, and ability to manage multiple tasks as a trusted real estate agent for over 27 years. 

Lindsey Patrick

Uplife Group 
Director of Accounting
Lindsey has spent her career in hyper-growth startups, working with high profile entrepreneurs and establishing solid accounting foundations for their companies. She has managed companies with $30 - $100 million in revenue as a ‘one man band’ with creativity, innovation and streamlined process. She has had several meaningful exits and is excited to bring her passion for finance and accounting to the Kris Krohn organization. After growing up in New York and Arizona, Lindsey moved to Utah where she graduated high school, met her husband and together raised two amazing kids. When she’s not working, Lindsey enjoys reading, traveling and exploring new places. 

Chris Hall

Knock Out Franchising
Executive Director
Chris Hall is an experienced director of operations in the manufacturing and logistics industries. He is highly skilled at coaching and developing a team, problem solving, and leadership. Chris is leading Uplife as CEO of one of our newest business ventures. With 20 years of experience in Lean manufacturing & Production design, Chris has expertly directed over 600 employees, guiding them to achieve substantial improvement and growth. Chris tackles challenging problems headfirst, achieving 200% improvement in efficiency and throughout. Chris has spent 10 years revitalizing companies and converting lowest performers into top tier performers. He is a top-tier strategist with a dedication to excellence. Along with years of tested experience, Chris holds an MBA from the University of Utah. 

Marianne Hickman

Executive Director
Marianne chose to dive headfirst into her career in sales--a brilliant, against the grain decision that would prove to be the best move for her family and career. Marianne's natural talent for public speaking and her unwavering dedication to her craft helped her to quickly rise through the ranks of the industry, and she soon became an Executive Director of a multi-million dollar sales organization. Throughout her career, Marianne has consistently exceeded expectations, repeatedly multiplying sales results. Her visionary and innovative approach to sales has earned her a reputation as a leader in her field. Her inspiring, heartfelt messages connect with audiences of all ages, helping them to embrace their inner strength and overcome adversity. When she is not on stage or traveling with the Krohn Foundation, Marianne can be found spending time with her husband and six children, exploring the remote reaches of the world, or indulging in her other passion, bodybuilding.  

Dan Fairbanks

Thatch CEO
Dan Fairbanks is a highly successful owner, co-founder, CEO, and investor of over 7 companies. He is using his incredible experience to lead as CEO of one of our newest teams. Among his many achievements, Dan is a credentialed product manager, ios developer, app publisher, and web designer. Dan has over 20 years of experience in the retail industry, including over 7 years in retail technology. Dan has successfully established several businesses, including a running store chain, an e-commerce marketplace, and a point-of-sale software company, XION Retail, Inc. Dan is a talented architect of software solutions and development. His skills and accomplishments also include a strong educational foundation with a BA in Entrepreneurship from Brigham Young University. 

Trent Leavitt

Uplife Group Executive Director
As Uplife Group Executive Director, Trent Leavitt oversees investment opportunities for Uplife Group’s high net worth clients and serves 7 current start-up companies with several more opportunities in the works. Trent is an entrepreneur with a wealth of management experience. He has also served as FBI contractor for one of the largest digital forensics software companies in the world for over 2 years. He has handled over 2500 civil and criminal cases as an expert witness. Trent earned a B.S. in Computer Forensics & Digital Information from Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont and completed additional training from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He now serves the community as a guest lecturer and speaker to multiple universities and legal and law enforcement groups. 

Casey Green

Uplife Studios Executive Director
As Uplife Studios Executive Director, Casey Green utilizes creativity, drive, and determination to lead his team in driving brand awareness and growth for their clients. Casey is a talented production and social media manager who, with his team of designers, produces large-scale events, media production, marketing, and sales. Casey oversees the creative needs for 8 influencers and their organic marketing efforts, taking their brands to the next level. Casey’s media team achieves phenomenal results, generating hundreds of leads and millions of views every week across several platforms.  

Lauren Smith

HR Director
As HR Manager, Lauren Smith demonstrates tireless dedication to the development and growth of Uplife. Lauren is committed to hiring and maintaining top performing employees and fostering a culture of loyalty, support, and ongoing personal and professional improvement. Lauren’s wide-range of experience and passion to achieve is demonstrated in her bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University in Russian teaching with a minor in TESL. She also has experience with recruiting and sales and has worked for Alpine School District. Lauren has five children and lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Her interests include reading and engaging in outdoor activities such as running and hiking with her Siberian Husky. 

Kim Finch

VP Of Fulfillment
With over 15 years of experience, 7 designations, and a broker's license, Kimberly Finch is a true real estate mastermind who is passionate about guiding partners toward wealth-building success. Kim’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction has earned her the Top 10 Realtors for Customer Satisfaction award for five consecutive years. By building several prosperous real estate brokerages, Kim demonstrates her ability to excel in sales transactions, property management, HOA, and rental management. Graduating top of her class with an MBA from Southern Utah University and accolades in journalism and broadcasting, Kim’s achievements highlight her commitment to professional growth. When not leading her teams, Kim embraces diverse passions like quilting, flying airplanes, indulging in Harry Potter, and traveling with her family of nine. 

Ryan Holyoak

Investor Club Manager
As the Director of Kris Krohn's Investors Club, Ryan Holyoak is dedicated to educating and empowering members to take control of their investments by teaching them principles and strategies for achieving long-term financial success. He is known for his exceptional communication skills and has a talent for explaining complex concepts in simple terms. Ryan brings extensive management experience from Fortune 15 companies, as well as personal mentoring and training from Kris Krohn himself. Ryan has played a critical role in building Kris' company, serving as a leader in multiple departments and tackling strategic challenges to drive growth and success. He has helped to build new programs that have delivered tangible results for the Investors Club, Fulfillment Department, and Sales team. Ryan is dedicated to the "Have it All" mentality that Kris espouses, both in his professional work and personal life and is committed to providing exceptional service and support to Investors Club members.  

Christine Khoshabeh

Marketing Director
Christine Khoshabeh currently leads a team of professionals as Marketing Director for Uplife Group. Harnessing the power of data analysis, Christine guides product innovation and marketing initiatives to drive revenue growth. Christine specializes in monetization strategies to maximize revenue. With her skillfully engineered live webinar system and custom email campaigns, Christine has repeatedly generated a staggering 8 figures in direct revenue. As a multiple 2 Comma Club Award recipient, Christine’s excellence in marketing is widely recognized and celebrated.  

Jeff Mann 

Public Relations Specialist
Jeff Mann demonstrates strong leadership and professionalism as Public Relations Manager for the Kris Krohn Brand. Jeff has worked in the field of public relations and communications for over seven years. His experience extends over diverse markets, ranging from pain relief patches, to aerial imagery, to cell phone cases and brand image. Jeff is passionate about creating meaningful relationships and generating productive conversations. Jeff’s innovative ideas and networking skills are instrumental in establishing the Kris Krohn Brand as a household name by creating mass media exposure and brand awareness. Being driven to succeed, Jeff inspires collaborative processes to create and distribute engaging and informative content, manage multiple forms of media, and achieve results. 




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