Kris partnered with The King of Random’s Grand Thompson to create the ultimate guide to YouTube success. Any success can be self-made, and YouTube is no exception. There’s a way to work from home creating videos of the things you love—and make a living doing it. Thousands of people quietly share their message and make money every hour, with short, home-made videos. Now it’s your turn. 
In this first-ever YouTube SelfMADE training you'll learn:
  •  The easiest way to create a growing number of qualified free leads that you can use to grow your business
  •  How to get your talents and ideas seen and heard which is crucial to building a huge following and generating revenue
  •  How to breakout into the industry which builds your channel and grows partnerships, ultimately leading to a successfully growing and revenue-producing channel
  •  How to create systems for your business that will generate residual leads indefinitely which enables your subscribes to increase
  • Best practices and strategies for video development, productions, and post-productions so you don’t have to make the same mistakes we did and have greater success sooner
  • Channel monetization through other sources outside Adsense which will increase your revenue dramatically enabling you to make more videos and grow your channel

This Master Class training comes with...
  • SelfMADE Starter Digital Course 7 Part Video Course ($1,597 Value)
  •  SelfMADE Creator+ Digital Course ($2,397 Value)
  •  SelfMADE Monetization Digital Course ($2,397 Value)  
  •  Video Game Plan and The 4 Pillars of Success worksheets ($997 Value)
  •  Creator+ Workbook, including the Video Game Plan, the Idea Factory, and the Complete Production Checklist ($1,997 Value)
  •  Two tools to help you understand the legal side of sponsorships ($997 Value)
  • Master Branding and Lead Generator Workbook to help you hone your brand and develop products to sell on your channel ($1,997 Value)
  •  Keynotes from Top YouTube Creators on their greatest insights and learning experiences ($2,997 Value) 
  •  Brian Brushwood’s Psychological Backdoors Keynote ($997 Value)
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The Course also comes with the following bonus:
BONUS #1: Two Tickets to any of Kris’ Breakthrough Events (Limitless, Liberate, Inevitable) to develop a mindset to manifest anything you want. ($2,997 Value)
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  • Total Value:                $19,370
  • Your Price Today: $797
  • Your Savings Today:        $18,573
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