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Get Set Up To Make 
Millions in Real Estate
It's Taken Me Years to Learn How the Wealthy Make, Keep and Protect Their Money. 

One of my Millionaire Mentors showed me a rare type of life insurance that provided a LIVING BENEFIT that works a heck of a lot BETTER than my own bank. 

My Life Insurance Bank Account does the following for me and my money...

1. I put my money in AND can take it out for investing.
2. Even MORE protected than a regular bank account, IRA, and Mutual Fund! 
3. Top Rated Tax Shelter next to Real Estate.
4. AND also has a death benefit!

Here's the best part...when I use this bank for doing real estate it MAXIMIZES my Earnings, Protection and Tax-Shelter!

I understand that completing this form I will receive contact from Kris Krohn's Power Team
When Do You Need An Account Like This?
Do you want to know what's cooler than making a phenomenal return on your money?!?! EARNING MONEY IN TWO PLACES AT THE SAME TIME!!

FORTUNATELY, I started my Life Insurance Bank Account before I started really making money in real estate AND this allows me to get way further ahead today than if my mentor hadn't shown me this wealth hack.

Once you understand the way your personal Life Insurance Bank Account works, you will want it set up BEFORE you start making any serious money...WHY? Because this is how you maximize the tax benefits and velocities your money earning in two places at once.

So if you're just savings $100 a month OR thousands, get this set up NOW--Having this Financial Tool makes you Financially Smarter than Most Millionaires that don't know this Wealth Hack!

There's Only One Problem With This...
I've only met 3 people in the last decade that KNOW how to set these up the right way. WHY?!

UNFORTUNATELY Life insurance sales people DON'T get paid a lot of commission from the insurance carrier to promote this product...which means you need to meet someone who is dang Smart, Successful, AND also believes in doing the Right Thing--even if it means making less money.

I want to introduce you to the team who will take the time to get you set up correctly. My friends will get you totally taken care. 

Meet The Power Team
During my years as a real estate investor I've worked with many financial professionals, and only a handful meet the standards of excellence and integrity to join my team. They USUALLY only work with high net worth people. BUT, they opened up a special division for my YouTube Family, to help you get your needs addressed too. (I started with nothing. I've always been a freedom fighter for ALL people who want to rise up and become successful.)

Fill out the form below and their power team will contact you directly about setting up your very own Life Insurance Bank Account. They also do everything from Estate Planning to Alternative investments and have WAY smarter options than the alternatives! They are the most financially intelligent people I know.

Fill out the form below and their power team will get in contact to help you learn and grow. 

Contact Us
Address:  1450 N Moon River Dr. Provo, UT 84604
phone: (801) 691-0375