Kris Krohn became financially free at the age of 26 
Kris achieved his financial freedom in using a single system in real estate that he has proven to take the least time, effort, and risk—all while making the most money. 

This strategy is documented in Kris’ book, The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth. This interactive Master Class training course dives deep into the upgraded lease option model Kris calls Compassionate Financing.
What you'll learn in this course...
  •  How to conquer the lease option which helps you get started in real estate today with NO money and NO credit and that means you can get started investing today.
  • Step-by-step guide to lease options which enables you to avoid simple mistakes making the most money faster with the least amount of effort and risk.
  •  How Kris’ system is 250% more profitable than a typical rental which enables you to be more profitable and that means more money faster.
  •  How to create $250 more in average monthly cashflow, so you start snowballing money for you next deal more efficiently.
  •  How to get $3,000 - $10,000 out of the gate which lets you put more money in your pocket, even before the big money comes in.
This Master Class training comes with…
  •  Lease Option Pro Digital Training ($1,997 Value)
  •  Custom Legal Contracts ($4,997 Value) 
  •  Editable Fliers, Agreements, Applications ($997 Value) 
  •  Step by Step "How to" Manual ($997 Value) 
The Course also comes with the following TWO bonuses:
  • BONUS #1: One Year Access to our private Real Estate Investor Community to get live weekly training, ask questions, get answers and continue your education. This bonus adds massive value to the lease option program! ($4,997 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Two Tickets to any of Kris’ Breakthrough Events (Limitless, Liberate, Inevitable) to develop a mindset to manifest anything you want. ($2,997 Value)
“Our experience has been amazingly smooth and great. They have a team that has your best interest in helping you understanding the nuts and bolts of real estate investing.” 
-Jason & Harmony F.
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  • Actual Value:                $16,982
  • Your Price Today:             $997
  • Your Savings Today:        $15,985
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