You’re Just One Deal Away
Discover Your Million Dollar Game Plan
November 6-9, 2019 in Provo, Utah
We GUARANTEE you'll love your time at Unleash Your Financial Destiny. We're so sure, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren't fully satisfied. Learn how to invest in real estate and become free.
Join Kris Krohn and 500 other incredible real estate Investors at the next Unleash Your Financial Destiny event!
Derek L. shares his thoughts on Kris Krohn's Unleash Your Financial Destiny Experience in August 2019, and the drastic changes his family has made since then and their excitement for the future.
Parker B. and his wife share their experience at Unleash, and how they've created new goals for the year.
Join Kris Krohn and 500 other incredible real estate Investors at the next Unleash Your Financial Destiny event!
It might only take a few small tweaks to Crush It In Real Estate. 
But do you know which tweaks to make?
Kris does! We’ll Show You at 
‘Unleash Your Financial Destiny’

From: Kris Krohn

Provo, Utah
Hey Friend,

Unleash Your Financial Destiny is just around the corner, and I wanted to send this as your personal invitation to join us in November. Our August experience was the most epic we've ever had. November we're going to go even further.

Each event we bring together an elite group committed to finding financial freedom — and we'll share with each other exactly what's working and how you can implement these skills and tools to develop wealth and change lives.

We'll hold this life-changing experience at my facility — the Experience Event Center in the heart of Utah — which I bought with the same no-money-down strategies I teach you.

At Unleash Your Financial Destiny you'll meet hundreds of other entrepreneurs who are just like you. 

They attended our real estate investing intensive and came away with a revolutionary outlook on life. They know how to SHOW UP and make it happen.

My message to you is this: Join Us. Free Yourself.

We're 100% confident that you'll enjoy your time at Unleash Your Financial Destiny—if you attend the event and are not 100% satisfied, we'll gladly send you a FULL REFUND on your tickets.


Oh! I almost forgot to mention — right now we have our "early bird pricing" with a bundle of extras on this page. In a couple weeks, the price goes back up. Now is the time to change your life. 
  • YOU Are Next.
  • It's YOUR Time.
  • It's YOUR Turn! 
You're Just One Deal Away
Discover your million dollar game plan at November's Unleash Your Financial Destiny!
unleash your financial destiny, experience
Let me show you what you'll be experiencing at November's 
Unleash Your Financial Destiny experience.  
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Day 1: The Foundation
7:00 AM – 9:00 AM Mandatory Registration
9:30 AM – 10:30 PM General Session
(Special Session for VIPs During Dinner Break)
You need to understand the basic foundation of real estate, wealth building and a millionaire's mindset. This foundation is the key to success. 

If you build your business on a strong foundation, then it will not fail. With the right foundation, all of our strategies and systems will amplify what you do. Without the right mindset it won't matter what you attempt, because your impact will not last long.

Day 2: The Strategy
9:30 AM – 10:30 PM General Session
(Special Session for VIPs During Dinner Break)
Everyone has a financial destiny. Most people wind up poor and a select few people become rich. What’s the difference?

Kris Krohn and his team will be breaking down the 8 laws of financial destiny that determine: 
• Your Custom Financial Freedom Game Plan
• How to Build Your Cash Flow Machine
• The Exact Moment You Can Be Financially Free
• How to Leverage Kris' personal team to do your deals

Day 3: The Mindset
9:30 AM – 10:30 PM General Session
Its 10% Skill And 90% Mindset. 

It’s not enough to just want to be a millionaire — you have to know how to think and act like a millionaire. At Unleash Your Financial Destiny, we will teach you how to do it.
• Learn Kris’ 10 Habits Of Financial Success
• Learn How To Take Action On Amazing Deals
• Learn The Secret To Endless Motivation
Our speakers will show you their secrets behind what they are currently doing to get deals, fund them and explode their wealth.
Day 4: Impact and Legacy
9:30 AM – 6:00 PM General Session
Day 4 is usually my favorite day. This is where we shift focus from you making money to you building a real estate empire so your company is creating an impact in other people's lives while leaving your own legacy!

Business is not about serving yourself. It's about serving others. When you learn how to shift your focus to impact and legacy, you will do more deals and the money will follow endlessly.
Get Your Seat Before They're Gone
Kris Krohn currently has THOUSANDS of followers and has mentored hundreds of clients…
But We ONLY have 500 tickets! 
The best case scenario is less than 10% of our active members can come. 

Tickets will sell out.

If you know you've been called to be there, if you know that you're just one deal away from breaking free, if you're ready to take that leap of faith, then get your tickets now

We can't guarantee there will be one tomorrow.

This is not JUST about doing deals... this is about BECOMING who you need to be, so you can change the world in your own way. 

To make your decision to attend UFD a NO BRAINER, all of our tickets are backed by our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you attend the event and aren't satisfied with the Experience for WHATEVER REASON, we'll issue a FULL REFUND on your tickets!

We're so excited to see you at our next real estate experience.

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Take it From Them — Then Join Us in November
The Ultimate Real Estate Recognition 
Get recognized for Your Success - ON STAGE WITH ME! 
Every year, the best part of Unleash Your Financial Destiny is watching investors walk across the stage and smash watches to celebrate the recent deals they have done and the time they've taken back for themselves!

Real Estate can be a lonely road so this can be your chance to walk across the stage and be recognized for your success, and the service you are doing for the world.

The most inspiring thing is the fact that most of our award recipients are people just like you who came to past events and took action. 
They sat in the same seats
• They listened to the presentations
• They went to the networking events
• They watched others walk across the stage to receive their award, and thought...
“That’s going to be ME at the next event.”
Yes! Some Seats Are Still Available! 
Yes! Some Seats Are Still Available! 
215/500 Seats Available
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
For 72 hours, we're offering a special sale - Get TWO tickets for lower than our current selling price! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to change your financial future - unleash freedom in November! Bring a friend and save!
2 tickets for $497
Video #1: Click Above To See What You Missed At This Event...
Video #2: Click Above To See What You Missed At This Event...
Video #3: Click Above To See What You Missed At This Event...
Kris Krohn at Unleash Your Financial Destiny
Original Ticket Price: $2,994
Get Ready For November: 
Make sure you get the most out of November's Unleash Your Financial Destiny by reading about my system, watching the last event, and joining our Facebook group of investors ready to take control of their time and money. You don't have to wait until November to get started changing your financial future.
  • 2 tickets for 4 days of learning how to level up your real estate game with Kris Krohn ($2,994 Value!)
  • BONUS: Kris' bestselling book bundle: The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth. ($39.95 Value!)
  • BONUS: Access to the Official UFD Facebook Group--get your questions answered, meet partners, build your portfolio! ($97 Value!)
  • BONUS: Instant access to Kris Real Estate Success Guide: Unstoppable: The Ultimate Real Estate Game Plan. ($19.95 Value) 
Yes! Some Seats Are Still Available! 
Video #1: Click Above To See What You Missed At This Event...
Video #2: Click Above To See What You Missed At This Event...
Video #3: Click Above To See What You Missed At This Event...
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Video #1: Click Above To See What You Missed At This Event...
Video #2: Click Above To See What You Missed At This Event...
Video #3: Click Above To See What You Missed At This Event...
Unleash Your Financial Destiny Event FAQ's...
What Are The Dates For Unleash Your Financial Destiny 2019?
November 6-9, 2019. Wednesday to Saturday.
When does registration start?
Early event registration opens the evening before the event, on Tuesday, November 5th from 4 pm — 6 pm. Registration continues on Wednesday, November 6th between 8 am and 9 am, and the event begins at 10 am. 
I'm Trying To Book My Travel. What Times Do I Need To Know About?
The event begins at 10 am on Wednesday, November 6th in Provo, Utah. The event concludes at 6 PM on Saturday, on November 9th.

Registration opens the evening before the event and concludes at 9 am Wednesday. You are strongly encouraged to register the evening before so you can network before the experience begins Wednesday. 

Fly into Salt Lake City Airport (SLC). It's 40 minutes from the event venue.
Where Is The Venue For The Event?
The event will be held in our very own Experience Event Center located at 1440 Moon River Dr. Provo, Utah, 84604. You can book your hotel at any of the following hotels within minutes of this location. We have worked with them extensively in the past and they have given our guests awesome customer service.

Can Anyone Attend This Event?
Yes, if you are (or want to be) a successful real estate investor with a commitment to become financially free, then Unleash Your Financial Destiny is for you!
Can I Bring My Spouse Or A Guest?
Because of our very limited seating, every person must purchase a ticket to get into the event.

Members of Kris’ Private Real Estate Community may have tickets included with their investment programs and can redeem those at [email protected]
Can I Get A Refund?
EVERY TICKET COMES WITH A 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you attend UFD and aren't satisfied, we'll gladly issue you a full refund.
What Should I Wear?
The dress code ranges from business casual to business for the event. Our meeting room will cool, so plan accordingly and bring an additional sweater, wrap, or jacket. 
Any Other Questions?
Contact [email protected]

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