So why are so few truly financially free?

The numbers don’t lie. Most Americans today are reconciled to a game plan that gets them a pile of student debt, a job with no security, a 401K that will likely halve in value, and a retirement of poverty.

That’s not financial freedom. That’s financial BONDAGE.

Unfortunately, people are hardwired and programmed for this, for financial bondage! 



To win, you need to know the rules, the moving pieces, and ultimately, the strategy to grow. 
But we’re not taught those skills—there’s no training on money, no guidebook for the game. How can we create and grow something we don’t even understand?

Add all the subconscious programming from parents, family, or friends to that misunderstanding about money and it’s no wonder only a small percentage of the population can truly label themselves “Financially Free.”

“They’re financially free because they got lucky.”

Have you ever said that before?

Friends, building wealth isn’t a matter of luck. It’s learned—then earned! But it’s not just learned in a classroom. You can’t learn everything about wealth creation from a book. That’s because creating wealth is 80% MINDSET and only 20% skillset. While both are needed to build real wealth, we focus too much on the one that matters less.

Stop focusing on skillset by working harder and longer. Focus on mindset—the beliefs, programming, and emotions on the INSIDE that may be sabotaging you.

Mindset and skillset make up the “twin engine” of effective and consistent wealth creation. When you have the mindset, the skillset HAS to follow—that’s the law of attraction at its best. It doesn’t work the other way—skillset CANNOT create the mindset. It fails every time.

So to win the finance and money game, it is imperative to know the rules, the moving pieces, and ultimately, the strategy to grow. Developing the thinking—the mindset—that gets you there is the only way to master the game.

At Liberate you’ll learn how simple mastering the game can be…You’ll learn how to create a winning mindset and an strategic finance plan that will make you undefeatable in the finance game. Leave your old struggling life behind and achieve your financial desires at LIBERATE.

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 Travis shared this about LIBERATE: 

"Saving money! This concept for most people is going to be the biggest hurdle of their lives! I believe that in order to actually put these words into action, you must have a clear GOAL that will be strictly followed! After just 2 months of following this plan I was able to save 10K and now I am looking at purchasing my first investment property.”
-Travis F.

  Tracy shared this about LIBERATE: 

"Inside of one year, Kris helped me quit my job and replace it with a residual   income more than doubled my previous income."

-Tracy R.

 Lynn shared this about LIBERATE: 

"Kris has taught me how to harness the power within me to create the life I want and live a higher purpose and potential. Working closely with Kris I have learned and implemented key principles and actions which have helped get a higher level of success that I was looking for.."

-Lynn W.
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