Books for ACTION!
Books for ACTION!
There are books for information and books for entertainment. What you’ll find here are books for action: guides to transformation that you can immediately use in your life. Below you will learn more about Kris' approach to creating wealth through real estate, learning the art of breakthrough and how to consciously create your masterpiece life. 

You can think of each book as a proven, dependable tool for change. Written in Best-Selling author, Kris Krohn’s lively, easy-to-follow style, they are informative and entertaining, too!
The Strait Path book
The Strait Path audio book
The real estate market, like all markets, plunges up and down. Yet Kris Krohn and investors in his real estate investment companies consistently bask in record profits. Their secret? A unique methodology called Strait Path Real Estate, which Kris created after analyzing and experiencing virtually every form of real estate investing. 

This proprietary system incorporates the strengths of all the other strategies, while eliminating the flaws. It takes the least time, effort, and risk, and generates the greatest profits. Not only that, it creates the highest value for society.

Best of all, Kris Krohn’s system is proven to work in every market, whether the trend is up or down. 

In THE STRAIT PATH TO REAL ESTATE WEALTH, Kris explains the system in depth. He demonstrates why other strategies and systems fail and shows you how to escape their pitfalls. He also exposes the flaws of America’s traditional retirement model and offers you a refreshing, practical, and safe alternative. 

Read this book to learn why the next ten years could be the most profitable years of your life, regardless of economic conditions. 
  • Learn Kris' strategy for doing real estate with the least time, effort, and risk.
  • Learn to do Real Estate in Up and Down Markets
  • Discover how Real Estate can be down across the entire U.S.
  •  Find out why other strategies and systems fail.
  •  Learn how to escape common pitfalls that many fall into when staring out. 
  •  Empower yourself to move beyond simple education to actual implementation. 
  •  Learn how the next ten years could be the most profitable years of your life, regardless of economic conditions.
The moment you open this book, you embark on a journey we call "limitless." In this journey, you'll discover that virtually every limitation you've perceived in your life has been created not by external factors, but by your own beliefs. 

This is a journey of exploding through your ceilings of limitation and revealing an inexhaustible well of inner resourcefulness, ingenuity, and capability that you never knew you had. It's a journey of tapping into a fathomless power to manifest anything you desire. It's a journey of creating your life by design, rather than by default. It's a journey of manifesting the most powerful version of you and the most magnificent life you were born to achieve. It's a journey of learning how to literally manifest miracles on a regular basis. 

LIMITLESS is a journey of accepting that you really can have it all. You can be healthy, enjoy incredibly fulfilling relationships, thrive financially, and expand your personal power to be who you were uniquely meant to be.

  • ​Discover what it means to LIVE LIMITLESS.
  • ​Experience the power of Breakthrough.
  • ​Learn the steps to shift your beliefs and change the way you see your problems.
  •  Learn the roots of why human beings gravitate toward the negative, and how to shift to a permanent positive mindset.
  •  Heal your deepest wounds and feel whole, worthy, and at peace with the person you were born to be.
  • ​Find a list of the top 100 limiting beliefs and quick turn arounds you can supplant them with. 
  •  Discover what it means to find and live your purpose.
  •  Transform your loftiest dreams into tangible realities.
You were born for a purpose.... You were born to create... You were born to live with passion, confidence, and joy... You were born for greatness! 

But life is challenging. So many forces are arrayed against our success: pain, fear, lack of knowledge, social pressure. Happiness can seem like a fleeting exception rather than the rule. Despite these forces, success and happiness are the predictable and guaranteed results of living natural laws—specifically, the Six Laws of Conscious Creation. 

These powerful, universal laws are detailed in Kris Krohn’s book, CONSCIOUS CREATOR, which is written as a parable. Through the story of Shaun Porter, you'll learn how to conquer your personal limitations, discover your unique purpose, and exercise the power of creative manifestation. 
  • ​Overcome unconscious forces and live as a Conscious Creator. 
  • ​Alter your perceptions of reality and move from victim to victor. 
  • ​Become more creative, innovative, and productive. 
  •  Gain clarity on exactly what you want to do and be—to live by design rather than default. 
  • ​Increase your faith and personal power to achieve your goals. 
  •  Uncover and uproot false and limiting beliefs and replace the with true and empowering beliefs. 
  • ​Make more money by living your passion.
  • ​Create and manifest the life of your dreams, and leave an enduring legacy.  
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