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Are You Ready to Make Money in
Ready to get started, but not sure how?
What you need is a custom Real Estate Game Plan to reveal your next steps.
I have personally created over 1,000 Real Estate Game Plans for people in a variety of situations to make millions in real estate.

Some Real Estate Game Plans are for people who feel too young and poor to begin.

Some Game Plans are for people who feel too old and don’t have enough money in 401ks, IRAs, or home equity to retire.

Getting you financially on track is going to take a personal touch…
Here’s the deal. You need a successful mentor that has made millions in real estate to show you the way. I can be that for you depending on your personalized Game Plan.
If you have no assets to speak of, we can work with you! I got started with no money and no credit. Learning my lease option and partnering systems will get you cranking in real estate NOW — without needing money or credit to start.
If you have equity in your home, money in your 401k or retirement plan. Your game plan shows you how to earn better returns and transition this money into real estate deals done my hand-picked Power Team will find for you.
If you have money but don't want to do the work, you may be eligible to partner directly with me and access the BEST DEALS on the market that my private Power Team finds. You'll get hands-off investing and the advantage of my incredible track record.
If you are looking for a mentor, it might be me. But you need to be serious, hungry and ready to create the future you want. 

I can give you the tools and everything you need to become a very successful investor.

If you are ready to make your dreams a reality, submit your information to meet with my team to receive your private Game Plan consultation.

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Here Is What Others Are Saying About Partnering With Kris!
brian rice
   “When I got started mentoring with Kris in his Lease Option Pro system I made a 90 day goal to do my first deal. On my first deal I was able to get a house under contract using Kris’ system and then I leased it back out for $5,000 down. The tenant pays me $1,300 a month and I only have to pay the owner $800 a month. Thats a $500 cash flow each month!

-Brian Rice
faga family
   “Our experience has been amazingly smooth and great. Kris and his team has your best interest in helping you understanding the nuts and bolts of real estate investing. This is our first property investment. We purchased in Orlando, Florida. It was a smooth transition for us. Right now, we are looking at buying two or more properties.”

-Jason & Harmony Faga
king family
   "Partnering with Kris has been really amazing. We recently bought 12 homes in the markets with Kris. 5 years later we sold all of them and more than doubled our money. We are going to keep growing our assets with Kris. Our retirement is far more secure than it’s ever been and we plan to continue investing in the best deals that Kris has to offer.”

 –Matt & Laurie King