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I based my entire original portfolio on this strategy and 4½ years later I had 25 properties producing my first six-figure residual income.

I quit my job and never looked back. This original portfolio would turn into hundreds of homes and has been the financial backing for all my success and passions.

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Don't just take it from me. These people have used my real estate system for success--repeatedly.

“I made over 70k using Kris' $5K Club System.”
- Brian R.

“Kris’ real estate program has opened my eyes to so many possibilities! It has taught me...the best ways to make deals happen. I came into the program not knowing a thing about real estate, and within weeks I had a deal under contract. Within the first couple weeks I received my first $12,000!”
- Chevelle C.

“So far the experience has been WONDERFUL! Kris' team has been so helpful and good to work with and have met all of our expectations. We just closed on our second property and we can’t believe how smooth the transactions and process has been.”
- Steven & Kerry Porter

“Our experience has been amazingly smooth and great. Kris and his team has your best interest in helping you understanding the nuts and bolts of real estate investing. This is our first property investment. We purchased in Orlando, Florida. It was a smooth transition for us. Right now, we are looking at buying two or more properties.”
- Jason & Harmony F.

“I became a millionaire in Real Estate mentoring with Kris"
- Sterling H.
“As former independent real estate investors, our experience with Kris has allowed us to invest more effectively, efficiently, and with greater confidence. We have purchased 2 homes and plan
to buy two more by the
end of the year.
-Craig & Trisha D.
“We began within a few months of discovering Kris. We began purchasing single-family, investment-grade properties in four of his top identified markets around the country. We and our retirement accounts now own seven rental homes, all of them delivering substantial equity growth
and cash flow.”
- Drs.William & Deborah H.

“I landed 3 Real Estate deals in the first 2 months using Kris' system.”
- Mitch W.
Life is too short not to live an amazing life.