Have It All Bonus #8

Have It All Bonus #1


The secret to make millions in real estate has nothing to do with WHAT you know, and everything to do with WHO you know.

Here is the simple formula you need for massive real estate results:

I tell everyone I meet that you are only FIVE people away from $1 million, and here is what I mean:  

5 Partners + 5 Homes Each = $1 Million+

I have an entire course on becoming a Maverick available as a webinar, but for those who are looking for a few ways to jump start the process through your existing and potential online network, this guide is for you.

First and foremost, we are all meeting online these days. That means your online presence must give the right first impression to potential partners. I’m sure like most people, you are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and maybe TikTok. But the social media platform that really matters when it comes to being a Maverick is LinkedIn.

People generally treat LinkedIn in like a résumé, but it’s not. It’s an ad for your business! With that in mind, here are tips for how to crush it and become a LinkedIn Maverick:  
  • Profile Header -
    You should have a professional picture so people know you’re a real person. This makes you relatable. And your headline is not your occupation. It is an offer. It’s your hook. It’s a short sentence that makes people want to talk to you. 

  • ​Audience -
    You want to look for working professionals who want to invest in real estate and don’t wanna spend a lot of time doing it. They wanna truly passive income. You can connect these people to a team that does all the work for them and has a track record of success.

    Audience #2: Next, look for investors who have been burned on real estate before. You can connect these people with a team that has over $1 Billion of real estate experience and has a proven track record of success through 2008. These people want to invest in real estate and they need a mentor that will guide them.  

    Audience #3: Look for people who are looking to retire in the next 10+ years and are unhappy with what their 401k looks like. These people are afraid of not having enough to retire. They can benefit from being plugged into a system that doubles your portfolio every 5 years and produces a reliable, passive, nearly tax-free income every month.  

  • About Section - 
    Don’t be boring. Instead, answer these questions in your “About” Section:  
    -Where I've been
    -Where am I now
    -Where am I going
    -Mu success
    My challenges

  • Featured Section -
    Featured section should have a few key tidbits that you want people to see first. Put your best foot forward always! It matters online as much as it does face-to-face.  

    My goal in LinkedIn is to connect with people that I can relate to. I connect with people who went to the same school, people in the same groups, people who live in the same city or state as I do. Additionally, I joined alumni groups for the schools that I have attended, as well as professional group that I have an interest in.

    And now for the good stuff. How to network on LinkedIn in a way that helps you become a Maverick and find other Maverick investors! 

  • How to Network - 
    First, click on the “my network” tab at the top of the screen. LinkedIn will suggest people for you to connect with. For example, it will give you suggestions of others who went to the same schools that you did. Do not click “connect” from this setting! 

    If you just click connect from the suggestions LinkedIn automatically gives you, it is likely that their algorithm will interfere resulting in fewer connections.

    Instead, go to their profile and click connect. This allows you to add a note and personalize the invitation. The note can say something like this:

    “I’m trying to expand my network and I saw that we went to the same college (customize for your school.” 

    Don’t put much effort into this step. The people who want to network will and those that don’t won’t add you, regardless of the message you send. Also note that LinkedIn doesn’t like you spamming people, so send no more than 20 to 25 invites a day. 

    I like to have around 200 invitations out at any given time. If you have too many invitations out for too long then you go to LinkedIn jail (I don’t make the rules on this one… LinkedIn does).  

    When someone accepts your invitation, send them the following:

    “[Name], thanks for connecting. You probably noticed on my profile that I am a real estate investor. Have you ever invested in real estate before ever wanted to?” 

    The most important thing when it comes to LinkedIn is to just be real and not try to be sneaky. You can come right out and ask if people are interested in real estate. A lot of people will say no thanks or just ignore you. Those people would never have partnered with you anyway.  

    If people respond with a polite no thanks, you may respond with: 

    “No worries, let me know when that changes. By the way, do you know anyone that would be interested in talking about real estate investing?” 

    In other words, always be asking for referrals!  

    When people respond with interest send something like this:  

    “I found the best way to invest in real estate without it becoming a full-time job it’s geared toward people that want to invest possibly while skipping the learning curve entirely. Can I share my strategy with you?” 

    If they give you permission, you can say something like this: 

    “I’ve found the best way to invest in real estate without it becoming a full-time job. It takes an initial investment of about $50,000. Explain the system and why I think it’s the best way to invest. When I was investing on my own, I had to be the expert on everything from emotional support animals to eviction law, and after a few expensive learning opportunities, I quickly got burned out on being a landlord.  

    At the beginning of this year, I partnered with a local guy named Kris Krohn because he’s got an 18-year track record of getting a minimum annual ROI of 25% (when you account for cash-on-cash + principal reduction + appreciation). He does a simple buy-and-hold rental strategy where we buy in the best markets and hold a property for about 5 years. 

    The best part is that I bring the money and credit and he does all the work. Meaning, he finds the deals, he manages the rehab, he works with property managers, he deals with tenants, and he walks me through lending to maximize my credit.  

    When we sell a property I get my initial investment back, then we split profits 50/50. Partnering with Kris is how I buy prime real estate with less than an hour a month of my time. I’m looking for partners that are interested in buying real estate in the best markets without the headaches that come with it. What are your thoughts so far?” 

    At this point, you can address concerns and make sure they understand the strategy. If they like what they hear, be sure to bring up the fact that there is an initial fee to partner with me. Some people start talking to my team and get scared off by the fees, so it’s best to address this upfront. Honesty and a straightforward style will take you very far in real estate. 

    If you think they are qualified partners but are still on the fence, you may want to share with them my free partnering series on YouTube. Goes into depth on what investing with me actually looks like:  

  • ​Posting on LinkedIn - 
    Whenever something new happens in your real estate world, post about it:  

    -When you get a house under contract, post about it.
    -When you close on a house, post about it.  
    -When a house is rented out, especially when you get more than projected, post about it.
    -Share videos about investing from me that you particularly like and ones that you can use as a talking point for your audience. 

    When you start posting, people will think you’re crazy and it’s just a fad. After a while, people will see that you are serious and start to get interested.

    Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that just because you are not getting a lot of likes means that no one is seeing your content. I promise you that plenty of people are seeing your content! And the good news is that if someone does like your post or make a comment, they are giving you permission to reach out to them about it. 

    You didn’t even know it, but I bet you already have a massive pipeline of people who are potential Maverick partners. In many cases, these people are going to wait patiently and see what happens with your portfolios before they decide to invest with you.

    People love to say they don’t have money or it’s not the right time, but eventually they’ll have money and it will be the right time. When that happens, they will have seen your posts and your track record of success. And because you are connected on LinkedIn and have communicated about it, it will feel more natural to reach out to you to get started.

    And it all started with a simple profile on LinkedIn. 

    Here’s to your success as the next real estate Maverick! 


  • Pay off your credit cards at the end of each month.
  • Don't use ATMs with fees. 
  • ​Avoid broker fees by trading online. 
  • ​Schedule bill payment on your calendar so that you avoid late fees.
  • ​Look at your bank balance daily and maintain enough balance to avoid overdraft charges. 
  • ​If you have auto payments scheduled, write them down on your calendar, so they don't catch you off guard and cause an overdraft.


  • Raise deductibles for a period to lower monthly premiums.
  • Check to see if you can consolidate any policies.
  • Ask about discounts (multi-car, good driver, student, etc.).
  • ​Avoid double coverage.


  • Buy a used car rather than financing a new one.
  • Carpool to work when possible. Even better, ride a bike or walk when possible.
  • Conserve gas by cutting back on speeding.
  • ​Park on the street or walk a little further rather than using a valet or premium lot.
  • ​Find the lowest gas prices at


  • Rent out a room in your home or get a roommate.
  • Start a home-based business and learn what you can write off (save those receipts).
  • Refinance to lock in a lower rate and lower monthly mortgage.
  • Consolidate credit card and personal loan interest into a lower interest loan or HELOC.


  • Bring bag lunches to work instead of eating out.
  • Bring your own snacks instead of relying on vending machines.
  • Share a meal when dining at a restaurant (most portions are oversized anyway).
  • Order water instead of soda, tea, or alcohol.
  • ​Eat leftovers.
  • ​Use grocery store coupons.
  • ​Shop with a list and stick to it (avoid impulse purchases).
  • ​Buy only in-season fruits and veggies.


  • Turn out the lights when you leave the room (this helps the environment as well).
  • Ditch your landline if you still have one. It’s an extra expense that you likely no longer need.
  • You don’t need a new cell phone every year. You just don't.
  • Cell phone plans have gotten a lot more competitive over the years. Call around and see if you can save by making a switch.
  • Pay close attention to your bills for inaccurate charges or questionable fees.
  • ​Call your cable company and ask for a discount. This straightforward approach works nine times out of ten.
  • ​Sign up for paperless billing to save a few bucks a month over all your bills.
  • ​Take advantage of “bundle” deals for TV, internet, and phone.
  • ​Call around and find the best deal on Wi-Fi and take advantage of new customer specials.
  • ​Use fans and wear a sweater during the changing of the seasons.
  • ​Consolidate loads of laundry instead of running multiple small loads.
  • ​Unplug unused appliances such as printers and electronics in guest rooms.


  • Travel in the off-season or during the week instead of the weekend.
  • Use discount travel websites such as Travelocity, Expedia, and Orbitz.
  • Find Groupon deals for the vacation spots you are traveling to, and don't be afraid to ask for coupons or discount codes.
  • Travel with friends, groups, or clubs to take advantage of group rates.
  • Join airline frequent flyer programs to accrue rewards.


  • Rent books from the library instead of buying new ones or shop used bookstores.
  • Purchase magazine subscriptions instead of buying them individually. 
  • Buy clothes that don’t need to be dry cleaned.


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