Are You Ready to Begin Your Path To Financial Freedom? 
It starts with a career at the Kris Krohn Company
We get it, this won't be right for everyone!
Due to the limited amount of spots available, Kris Krohn's team is only looking to hire highly talented, motivated employees (dare we say raving fans) that love and believe in Kris' message of financial freedom and empowerment!

If you are serious about helping not only other people, but yourself as well, to build a financial future, we want to speak with you! 

We believe everyone has the opportunity to change their financial future and one of the first steps is working for a company that believes this is possible! 

Salary and Benefits

Access to Kris' Training
Not only do you get to sell the best real estate training money can buy, but you get access to Kris' courses to further your own knowledge and investment portfolio!
Unlimited Earning Potential
Whether you are seeking a part-time job or full-time, with tremendous earning potential, we may have a spot for you at the Kris Krohn company! (Uplife LLC)
Real Estate Bonus
Have you wanted to invest in real estate? After a brief qualification period, gain access to our world class acquisition team at Kris Krohn headquarters! 
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Max Collins says:

Working for Kris is filled with constant mentoring and growth. When you work for Kris, you can expect major growth every single week because he doesn't work with average results!

Working is now something I look forward to. I work in a completely different environment than most people do. Working here allows me to be myself and help others jump on a path to success.

Marianne Hickman says:

I love creating financial freedom for my family while helping others step into financial freedom for themselves. The people here are amazing, the company is crazy fun, and I feel recognized and rewarded for hard work and dedication.