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Train your mind for success
Kris has invested over $2 million in personal coaching and mentorship, a catalyst that has transformed his life. This taught him to train his MIND for success. 

Every new level of growth, was achieved through clearing limiting beliefs that stood in the way and living aligned with the 9 Laws of Conscious Creation. Learn to live limitless when your mind is trained to manifest your dream life. This advanced course on belief breakthrough will teach you to master belief breakthrough in your own life, allowing you to live a life of fulfillment in every moment.
What you'll learn in this course… 
  • ​The philosophy and practice of belief breakthrough and how to discover and eliminate any limiting belief holding you back which will jumpstart your journey to limitless living.
  •  The Limitless Belief Breakthrough Script which will help you choose into more empowering beliefs which will launch you into a life of fulfillment.
  •  The 9 Laws of Conscious Creation which will help you create the life you want. 
  •  The 5 Steps of Manifesting which will teach you how to align your beliefs and choices with the 9 Laws that will increase your ability to manifest anything.
  •  Lightning breakthrough which will help you chose into new beliefs on the go so you can always live in peace, even in moments of trigger. 
Escape the Limits that hold you back
The Art of Breakthrough
All success comes down to the ability to breakthrough every limitation standing between you and what you want. 

The Art of Breakthrough equips you with real-world skill of breakthrough to change every limitation into a strength and create happiness, success, and limitless progress in life. NEVER let the beliefs you cannot see impede your success. 
This Master Class training comes with…
  • ​The Art of Breakthrough Digital Training ($2,997 Value)
  • ​Limitless Belief Breakthrough Script ($997 Value) 
The course also comes with the following TWO bonuses:
  • BONUS #1: Certificate of Achievement, qualifying you for admission to train further in belief breakthrough ($1,997 Value)
  •  BONUS #2: Two Tickets to any of Kris’ Breakthrough Events (Limitless, Liberate, Inevitable) to develop a mindset to manifest anything you want. ($2,997 Value)
Don't miss out on your Next BREAKTHROUGH
In just 30 minutes a day for only 10 days, the Art of Breakthrough empowers students to replace every limiting belief with new, powerful beliefs to live a life without limits. It is designed equip students with the real-life skill of breakthrough so no belief will impede success.
  • Everyday Price:                $8,987
  • Your Price Today: $997
  • Your Savings Today:        $7,991
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The Proof is Endless...

“I became a millionaire in Real Estate, thanks to Kris' Lease Option system.”
- Sterling H.
“As former independent real estate investors, our experience with Kris has allowed us to invest more effectively, efficiently, and with greater confidence. We have purchased 2 homes and
plan to buy two more by
the end of the year.
“So far the experience has been WONDERFUL! Kris' team has been so helpful and good to work with and have met all of our expectations. We just closed on our second property and we can’t believe how smooth the transactions and process has been.”
“Our experience has been amazingly smooth and great. Kris and his team has your best interest in helping you understanding the nuts and bolts of real estate investing. This is our first property investment. We purchased in Orlando, Florida. It was a smooth transition for us. Right now, we are looking at buying two or more properties.”

“I made over 60k using Kris' Real Estate system.”
- Brian R.
“Kris’ real estate program has opened my eyes to so many possibilities! It has taught me...the best ways to make deals happen. I came into the program not knowing a thing about real estate, and within weeks I had a deal under contract.”
“We began within a few months of discovering Kris. We began purchasing single-family, investment-grade properties in four of his top identified markets
around the country. We
and our retirement accounts now own seven rental homes, all
of them delivering substantial
equity growth and cash flow.”
“We’ve been buying real estate through Kris Krohn for a few years now. We recently sat down with his team of experts to evaluate their performance. We were overjoyed to discover that in the past four years, all of our properties have grown between 40-80% in value above and beyond all the cash flow we have been collecting. We’re selling off one of our properties right now to buy three more!”
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