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Train your mind for success
Kris has invested over $2 million in personal coaching and mentorship, a catalyst that has transformed his life. This taught him to train his MIND for success. 

Every new level of growth, was achieved through clearing limiting beliefs that stood in the way and living aligned with the 9 Laws of Conscious Creation. Learn to live limitless when your mind is trained to manifest your dream life. This advanced course on belief breakthrough will teach you to master belief breakthrough in your own life, allowing you to live a life of fulfillment in every moment.
The Art of Breakthrough
All success comes down to the ability to breakthrough every limitation standing between you and what you want. 

The Art of Breakthrough equips you with real-world skill of breakthrough to change every limitation into a strength and create happiness, success, and limitless progress in life. NEVER let the beliefs you cannot see impede your success. 
This Master Class Training Includes…
  • The Art of Breakthrough Digital Training: The 9 Steps of Belief Breakthrough ($2,997 Value)
  •  Limitless Breakthrough Script: A Comprehensive Outline of the Breakthrough Process ($297 Value)
  •  As a Man Thinketh by James Allen: The Breakthrough novel on the power of thought ($27 Value)
  • The Breakthrough Library: Over 3 Hours of In-Depth, Live Breakthrough Examples ($497 Value)
  • The Breakthrough Academy: 2-Dozen Personal Daily Breakthroughs ($497 Value)
  • BONUS: 2 Unleash Your Financial Destiny Live Event Tickets ($1,497 Value)
  • ​BONUS: Limitless: Reclaim Your Power by Kris Krohn Digital Access: eBook, PDF, Nook. ($39.95 Value)
  • BONUS: ​Limitless: Reclaim Your Power by Kris Krohn audio book ($29.95 Value)
Total Value: $5,882!
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The Art of Breakthrough
Digital Training:
The Art of Breakthrough is a total of 11 video segments that help you learn the system and power behind belief breakthrough. Kris has successfully compiled over a decade of hands-on knowledge from some of the top mindset and breakthrough mentors in the world all in one course. 

The Art of Breakthrough walks you through each step in the Breakthrough process helping you to master your skills. 

Includes the 9 steps of of belief breakthrough in depth course, 2 Event Tickets, Belief Breakthrough Script, AND As a Man Thinketh digital access!
**$2,997 Value!**
  • The 9 Steps of Belief Breakthrough!
  •  BONUS: 2 Tickets to Kris Krohn's LIVE Event: Unleash Your Financial Destiny 2020!
  • ​Digital Course Material: Belief Breakthrough Script and As a Thinketh!
The Breakthrough Academy 
Digital Training:
Breakthrough Academy is a BRAND NEW course created just for The Art of Breakthrough. The course comes complete with 2-dozen, personal daily breakthroughs JUST FOR YOU!

These individualized breakthroughs will help you master self-confidence, money managment, weight loss, time management—and so much more!

Divided into 3 sections: Breakthroughs on Self, Breakthroughs on Money, and Breakthroughs on Relationships, The Breakthrough Academy has everything you need to boast your confidence in ANY situation. 
**$497 Value!**
  • 2-Dozen Personalized Breakthroughs!
  •  Daily Training Segments to keep your breakthrough skills fresh!
  • ​Breakthroughs on Self, Money AND Relationships!
The Breakthrough Academy 
Digital Training:
The Breakthrough Library includes over 3 hours of in-depth, live breakthorugh examples. 

Watch Kris and other mentors help people breakthrough their limiting beliefs, applying the same system he'll teach you in this course! Study the Belief Breakthrough system in action and learn how to apply more easily in your life.

This course comes complete with FULL access to Kris Krohn's BEST-SELLING book: Limitless: Reclaim Your Power in eBook, Audio book, digital PDF and Nook versions.
**$497 Value!**
  • 3 Hours of LIVE breakthrough examples to study and learn from. 
  • Limitless: Reclaim Your Power eBook, PDF, Audio Book, and Nook versions!
Total Value: $5,882!
**Limited Time Offer**
-Wylene B.
“Mentorship through Kris' program has been priceless. I was empowered to replace my job income, heal my heart functioning at 40% of capacity, repair my broken relationships and eliminate my deepest fears while launching my new coaching business.”
-Amy K.
"Mentoring with Kris and applying what he teaches has shifted me into a transformational growth mindset. Now I have the tools I need to create the life I want."
-Derek and Stephanie L.
“We couldn't help but feel Kris' genuine desire to help us succeed. His guidance has helped strengthen our marriage, and has helped us confidently move forward in making the decisions necessary to create the life we want.”
Don't miss out on your Next BREAKTHROUGH
In just 30 minutes a day for only 10 days, the Art of Breakthrough empowers students to replace every limiting belief with new, powerful beliefs to live a life without limits. It is designed equip students with the real-life skill of breakthrough so no belief will impede success.
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