Kris Krohn is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, investor and the Limitless Breakthrough Mentor.

But first, he struggled—maybe just like you—to succeed in college and provide for his young wife. It was when life hit nearly rock bottom that he was able to find a way above the mess.

His mess led him to real estate investing, where he made his first million. He went on to share his 
investing strategy in his first book, The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth, and he founded a real 
estate investing company (Strongbrook.com) to help others create manage, protect, and grow
 wealth through innovative real estate investments and other strategies. 
Learning to breakthrough beliefs that held him back was central to Kris’ financial and personal success and has become his core message, a message be began sharing within the personal develpment world back in 2012. 

Kris wrote his second and third books (The Conscious Creator and Limitless: Reclaim Your Power, Unleash Your Potential, Transform Your Life), and began teaching people the mindset behind creating the life they want and dream of at live events.
In 2018, Kris had another big breakthrough experience that changed the trajectory of his life. His desire to help people prompted him to begin a deep journey into giving, deeper than he’d ever been before. Now, Kris donates millions of dollars every year to organizations like Operation Underground Railroad and Global LifeVision.
Kris' life focus is to serve those who are suffering and help them find peace in their circumstances through belief breakthrough. 

The message he wants to share with the world?
You don’t have to suffer. You don’t have to hurt. 
You can create your masterpiece life.
He loves building up those around him and blessing their lives for good, especially the lives of his wife, Kalenn, and their four children: Liesel, Kaiser, Livia, and Danny.

Currently, Kris is partnered with Connect, a technology and software company, to spread the message of belief breakthrough and financial freedom around the world at an unprecedented rate. 
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